Shoes -15

Just to give a quick update on the feet, i have now started counting down to putting shoes back on.  Lent starting on the 25th Feb finishes on Holy Saturday 11th April means that there are 46 days in total in lent this year.

The feet are still doing surprisingly well some days they are quite sore but other than that very healthy.  I did have an interesting day of insults yesterday, which was rather unusual.  3 different situation throughout the day people decided they would allow me to know their thoughts about my feet.

again this is in no way anything like what i am sure Christ endured, when he was been mocked publicly as he approached his Crucifixion.  But it is not very often i get publicly mocked for my faith, and it hit home that sometimes people mock because having faith makes us stand out at times which i guess can seem a little threatening…


One thought on “Shoes -15

  1. Chris

    I find this post interesting and affirming Ben. That said Chirst’s own mocking and suffering should be enough affirmation, however, I’m aware of the increase in mocking that I am getting when I’m out and about in my black’s these days. I suppose the affirmation is that it’s happening to someone else and not just me! I find this happens particulalry in the City – well lets face it out here there are more sheep than people – and it is on the increase. I do find it intimidating and frighteneing, particularly when those doing the mocking have got a drink inside them!


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