Feet + 25

So after getting over my stigmata it is back to the school run and the genaral day to day inconviances and embarrasments.  To be totally honest i never thought that i would get this far, i also never realised how long lent actually is !!!!

I think i might have posted this before, but anyways              Bridlington Free Press.


3 thoughts on “Feet + 25

  1. Chris

    Ben, I’m not expecting you to bare your soul and don’t want to add to any further embarrasment. But I am interested to know in what way you are embarrased. Is it cos you keep doing daft things or just how you feel because of what you are doing?

    That said, I will understand if you would rather not answer this question.

    As to the length of Lent. Keep going it is nearly over – well we are half way through!!!! I think(?)

  2. bluesoul Post author

    I find it hard that people are looking and talking about me, i know i shouldn’t and i know it is adding people to think more about Lent and such things. But i never did it to get attention, it was for purley selfish reasons to allow myself to deepen my faith. Like i say i just struggle with it and most of the time just end up feeling daft !!

  3. Chris

    Thank You Ben for you honesty.

    I may have this totally wrong but I’ve always believed that our primary aim with regard to our faith is to deepen + develop our relationship with God so I don’t beleive your actions are selfish but that you are in fact simply following what we are called to do. Because of the ‘peculiar’ action you have taken you were bound to gain attention from those witnessing your lenten observance, there was no getting away from that, but because of the reasons for your going without shoes this action has to be positive, even if uncomfortable to cope with at times.

    From what you say with regard to your reasons for going without shoes, these ceratinly are commendable and there are many of us witnessing your journey of faith who salute you! But then it is not up to anyone here on earth to commend or condemn you for as you say this is about your relationship with God. It just saddens me to think of you feeling daft.


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