feet +lost count …. (sorry just worked it out +22)

“Bloody foot prints.” is a phrase that continues to stick in my mind, i don’t know why.  I think it might have something to do with Holy week approaching and the pending story of Jesus’ Passion I guess that as he carried his cross he would have been barefoot, and i don’t imagine that the streets of Jerusalem would have been very generous to those vulnerable feet.

My feet on the other hand are still doing very well, remarkable so in fact.  Although I am still very conscious that it is only going to take one step and the whole thing will come to an abrupt end, if i find some glass or a nail or such like.  But I was out last night and found that i had an itch on my ankle, a little while later i saw that it had started bleeding, the sight of it is quite shocking, even though it is only a tiny little scratch.  I wonder then what the most shocking sight of Jesus would have been on his way to the cross?….photo-1


One thought on “feet +lost count …. (sorry just worked it out +22)

  1. Chris

    Signs + Wonders

    Further to our conversation of earlier today Ben. I find myself asking the question, ‘Do we miss God sent/given signs + wonders in this day and age where scientific reasoning is looked for to explain everything, whereas at one time these ‘happeneing’ would have been acepted for what they are, signs and wonders from God to humankind?’

    God Bless you Ben!


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