Fair trade…. Is it really?

Another huge name has taken on the Fair Trade mark as of this autumn, Cadbury’s dairy milk which for many is good news, but not for all.
If you don’t know much about the fair trade logo, basically it means that wherever you see it the product that it is on has given the producer a fair price for the goods.  Unlike free trade where the buyer holds all the power and can undercut the producer to make the best profit, potentially destroying lives and communities i the process.

Whilst there is great Joy in the fact that Cadbury’s has gone down this line (as well as Tate and Lyle there is a slight concern for the smaller 100% fairly traded companies such as Divine I guess that in some ways it is going to be inevitable that the bigger companies take on the idea and badge of Fair trade but there are more ethics involved than just the ethics of the badge.

I wonder if there has ever been a discussion in a very large business about stopping making money.  I wonder if the people at the top ever ask why do we need to make more money?  why don’t we make room for some smaller companies in our market as well.

Is success about being the market leader and the one with the most money or is success about how we treat people?…..


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