An espresso a day, keeps the ……

If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.
Mark 8

I have always thought that these words of Jesus are very strong and very hard to both understand and follow.  But recently i have been thinking about what it means to follow The Way, and i think it might mean something like this….

To trust God means to have total security and total uncertainty in life.

To follow Christ, means that he offers complete peace, acceptance and belonging, which are the things in our lives that if we don’t have bring us stress, worry and a feeling of worthlessness.  But when we receive them we can then live with the uncertainness that God asks of us.  To feed the hungry, clothe the poor and give more of ourselves than we might feel we can give.

From a place of completeness we can live with our own and others brokenness.

This week think about the suffering and brokenness in your own life, and instead of trying to avoid or overcome it.  Seek out what it means to find peace within it.


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