Jade Goody

Just picked up a copy of OK magazine (for Becky, honestly!!)
on the front cover Jade Goody states that having got married and it being the happiest day of her life she is now ready to go to heaven.

I just wondered when Heaven became a place for good people to go to and it having nothing to do faith?

what’s your thoughts on Heaven and who do you think gets to go?


One thought on “Jade Goody

  1. Phil

    umm i’ve been thinkin about this a lot.

    i lead a lot of peoples funerals who’s family say they “didn’t really have (a) faith”.

    i’m finding Tom Wrights book Suprised by Hope helpful.

    We talk about going to heaven but Jesus and scripture talk about heaven coming to earth – I love that

    The clouds and harp stuff is just made up folk gubbins – I’m looking forward to the new heaven new earth.

    as to who gets in – thankfully its not up to me but I know a God how is very loving and forgiving…


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