Feet +2

so the second day has nearly come and gone.  again the school run raised some eyebrows, but i am enjoying the fact that people have stopped staring at my dog collar now !!

imagesI had a lunch time meeting today so set off on my push bike, but got a minute away from home and got a puncher, so had to ring the person i was meeting to ask if they could meet me at church instead.  It was not the fact that i didn’t want to walk the distance but that i just did not have the time it would have taken to walk (at a slower pace) and get back for my next meeting.

I am enjoying this taking life slowly lark, and i guess as my feet harden i might be able to lift my head more as i walk to take in the surroundings more.  I do still feel an absolute prat but i guess that will ware off as well (maybe!)

football tonight and i have decided to go in trainers as i need to have my sox on already because of all my knee supports.  but i will take them off after the game and come home barefoot.

also just found this site bit wierd if you ask me !!!!


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