feet day 1

Well the school run was fun walking 5 mins down the road this morning. and some of the looks that i got !!!! I got Joshua to school and when we reached the play ground he realised i had no shoes on and asked why, when i told him he gave me a look as if to say “Seriously, I am 5 and even i know that’s stupid!” LOL


3 thoughts on “feet day 1

  1. andy p

    dude – jesus was called stupid too, your in good company and im truly inspired by this one. Man you will discover so much doing this, i love you, and you should at least try it, and i hope you do the whole 40 days. good on you

  2. Chris

    I’m with Andy totally on this one Ben. I remember the look my son Robert gave me the first time he bumped into me in church to discover it I was wearing a dress; by this I mean my Alb. He looked at me funny ran off and we’ve never talked about it since. That said he’s turned out quite a level headed human being who loves God, so I wouldn’t worry about Joshua; although I’m sure he’s worried about you and rightly so!!!lol

  3. brunettekoala

    Ha ha! Brilliant. You can always rely on kids to say it how it is. Love it.

    I’m impressed. I’ve only ever done this post-beach (cos I hate getting sand in my shoes.) or post night-out…!

    Your soles will be made of asbestos by Easter….


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