feet…. T – 1

So the feet thing is going to start tomorrow.  not wearing anything on my feet for the whole of lent.barefoot_shoes1

I have been given some good advice to start with (mainly that i should have got some medical advice before hand!!)

I am hoping it will help me slow down, and also help me pray for the poor more easily.

I have got two problems before i start 1. i don’t think my car insurance will stand if i drive in bare feet 2. i have just joined a new football team on a thursday night !

So i think i will keep a pair of shoes in the car, and if i arrive and leave the game of footy without shoes but play in a pair i guess that still counts?

I am worried as to what the new footy team will make of some nutter who does not wear shoes (I am not going to tell them what i do for a living, unless they ask!)

Grace and Peace



One thought on “feet…. T – 1

  1. Chris

    All the best Ben – and why not keep the guys at football guessing about what you do. I believe you are doing this because you love God not because you are a priest(?)


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