What’s your price?….

_45495597_iggy_466So Iggy Pop is now selling us car insurance !  I wonder as many might say that he has “sold out!” But i wonder what you would say he has sold out from?  I mean, to loose credibility, implies that you held strong morals or values in the first place.

I wonder what your values are, the things that you build your life on?  Friends, family, money, faith?  I wonder if you would ever have a price that you would sell out on these things?

For me my first value is my faith, and i would hope that i would never sell out on that, although i do realise that the opportunities to do so happen very regularly.  Temptations of power, money, fame and sex are all things that raise their heads quite often.  And I do worry that at some stage i am really going to mess up and sell out, and i guess that’s why i crave a community that holds some of the same values that will allow me to grow and journey in the right direction.

As i said before i wonder what your main values are?  If you had to narrow it down to just one, what would it be and how are you making it your priority?…..istock_000008515543xsmall


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