I posted a blog last year about giving up footware for lent.  i gotsome interesting comments saying that i really should not do it, from people who love me.  Which with all due respect just makes me want to do it all the more!!!  So still undesided i think i might but then i think what a stupid thing to do…..

I have an interview on the BBC on monday morning about Lent and Easter and i guess that will be the moment to descide !!!

We will see…..


3 thoughts on “Feet….

  1. Mr Gus

    Back home, its very common not to wear shoes. I used to attend board meetings in flip flops (yes shoes but hey you have to be professional). The only thing I can warn you about is that your feet get dirty. VERY STINKING BLACKENED DIRTY so that you have to use workshop type grease remover to clean them everyday. Only then get into bed. And there is the the risk of verukas also. Plus your feet widen so that after a while your shoes don’t fit nicely.
    But don’t worry about the strange looks and pointing you will get from all of this, you can laugh that off in the UK.
    All you have to worry about is your own sanity…


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