walk with me…..

I 101_3735thought i would give a bit of an update on life in Brid so far…

Over the past 2 1/2 years we have gone though a pretty rough time here in good old sunny brid.  We moved here so that i could train as a pioneer priest in the Church of England.  Which before i started sounded very exciting (and still does, most days!)  but it has been a struggle trying to define what it means to be a loyal radical in a very established institution.   The training has been hard, going up and down to St John’s in Nottingham for 10-12 weeks a year in 5-6 week blocks at a time, leaving the family and any budding ministry behind.

there have been real joys with Caleb joining us for the journey 16 months ago and both my ordinations.  But at the moment it feels like this whole venture as been a walk in the wilderness, spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically.

not that this a bad thing, whenever i read about people in the Bible who are in the wilderness God is really very busy in their lives and he has been in mine, i know that with out a doubt that i am a completely different man to who i was when i started this venture.

Life is good, but raw, full of joy and despair, broken and patched and full…….. of……… waiting………


2 thoughts on “walk with me…..

  1. brunettekoala

    I don’t think you’re walking alone. I have a couple of friends who are also ‘loyal radicals’ who have trained or are training in the Church of Scotland ministry and have found it a ‘wilderness’ experience.

    Peace be with you brother!


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