Be inventive…

Jesus told a story. “There was once a man traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho. On the way he was attacked by robbers…..”A Samaritan traveling the road came on him. When he saw the man’s condition, his heart went out to him. He gave him first aid, disinfecting and bandaging his wounds. Then he lifted him onto his donkey, led him to an inn, and made him comfortable. In the morning he took out two silver coins and gave them to the innkeeper, saying, ‘Take good care of him. If it costs any more, put it on my bill—I’ll pay you on my way back.’

There is a Children’s film called “Robots” it was released in 2005. in all the wacky adventures of the characters, slick animation and celebrity voices, one line stood out for me that has really challenged all I do…..

The large robot called ‘Big Weld’ who is an inventor has a catch phrase which is “See a need, fill a need!” easy, simple and incredibly effective.

The story that Jesus told simply says the same thing. When ever you see a need do something to change it. It might cost you nothing it might cost you everything..

This week, look for the needs of those around you and be inventive.


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