320640737_f320694979Tuesday the 27th Jan, was Holocaust memorial day. And as the memory still exists of what went on many years ago the actual place of Auschwitz is falling into decay and will needs millions of pounds to keep in a restored condition. Should this place of such barbaric horror remain on the planet or should it be given over to nature and lost forever?…

Personally (not that i am in anyway qualified to have an opinion on the matter) as i researched this topic for discussion i learnt a lot about what happened, and i began to think that, “well everything we need to know, learn and remember about this atrocity can be found in books and on the internet.” So who would it benefit to keep the place here? Then i came across a picture that moved me to tears, and although i found it on the internet it made me believe that this place must stay in a condition that others can experience.

Let me explain….

here is the picture 21377511_a54943f7ee_o

It looks at first just like a dirty concreate wall, and it is, but as you look closer you can see marks on the wall. These marks are scratch marks and the wall is the inside of one of the gas chambers in the camp…..

This place needs to stay so that this never happens again.


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