Obama’s Bible….

I don’t know if you watched any of the inauguration of the 44th President of the USA, as i only work Sundays and the odd Christmas i got to watch most of it. And i must say i thought it was very God heavy !!! not that this was a bad thing as those who spoke and prayed did the big fella justice. I was a moving moment when Obama spoke the words that made him president, well nearly spoke them anyway, as there was a problem about which order they should be said!….. So we get to the Thursday (2 days after the big event) and Obama again raises his hand and says the words, but this time in the right order, only this time “No Bible could be found.’ was the official line from the White House press office. obama-oath-getty-w84398527

Personally i find it more intriguing that a bible could not be found rather than the fact that one was not used the second time round. But then i got to thinking do i always have a bible in reach ? the Answer is a firm NO, and i am a priest!!!!! I do as a result of this now have one on my Ipod that i have with me at all times, but then when would i use it? Or is that no the point is it about having it ready? Or should i already know what it says in case anyone asks something of me, should i be able to pull it from memory at any point? I Know Dot Cotton can !!! One last thing, although i am one for getting dresses up in fancy robes and making a big deal of important events. The first inauguration cost over £100 Million pounds and the second one nothing… i wonder what that says about were God was when the words were finally put in the right order?…..


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