Truth and unity…..

a close friend of mine asked me this question the other day…. i thought it was fantastic here is my responce hope you enjoy it ….

Yesterday the CU in Durham held a talk titled ‘What would Jesus say to Catholics’. It was pretty much the most contreversial thing to happen, especially at the end of Christian Unity week! It didn’t surprise me that they would do this…knowing what I know now of how the CU works they are all for exposing the truth and have little regard to feelings! The thing is though, my closest friend and one of my housemates are both Catholic. I have absolutely no doubt of their genuine love of God and acceptance that Jesus saved them completely. My confusion arises though because the man who talked were keen to stress that at all costs it was truth over unity. He basically said that he could not be fully united with Catholics unless they changed their interpretation of justification. My question is probably would you go for truth over unity? I looked up in the back of my Bible all the things to do with unity and I can’t seem to agree with that, for me unity exposes truth. Anyway, I know that you have experienced a lot of Catholic traditions and really appreciate them…but in a way it feels like I cannot be a Protestant that acknowledges some really beautiful things in Roman Catholocism…but also has a few reservations. That’s all they are though…just questions and reservations!

My Responce

hiya matey

good to hear from you.

awesome question !!!!

I think the question you ask goes very deep and raises lots and lots of issues about what the Holy Spirit is doing in the church at the moment right across the world.

try thinking about the question this way. rather than asking should we choose unity over truth? Ask what is truth?

Can any human being claim to hold the truth of God? What did Jesus come and say ? did he say you must find truth and when you do you must enforce it at all costs, even if that is to the detriment of your brother or sister? or did he say Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. And love your neighbour as yourself? I believe it is the latter, i also believe that the rest is conversation, is not the fact that it is our diversity and love for one another that brings unity. are we not the Kingdom of God ? Do we not show a world that cannot live together that although we do not always understand or agree with each other that it does not matter because our love for each other means more !!!

no one is asking the speaker to agree with everything Catholics say but that does not mean that their faith is any less.

I met 2 Mormon girls the other day. I was on my way to the pub and they came up to me in the street and asked if i believed in God. I pulled down my scarf and showed my dog collar and said yes i did. She began to talk doctrine and belief, and i said there are things that we will agree on and things that we will disagree on but i want to say to you that i really admire your commitment and your faith and if you would let me i would love to bless you. she agreed so i asked God to keep them safe as the knocked on doors and that God would give them grace and peace. then we went our separate ways. You see Jesus has saved the world so i don’t have to. the world we live in does not want to be told how to live but it does want to be shown what it means to be loved and to love. so for the guy who came to speak with his opinions about Catholics i would say Grace and peace to you.

For me God’s grace goes beyond my understanding, and i know my first call is to love him and then to love the people around me. If i need to argue with someone about what they believe, that’s why God invented football !!!


3 thoughts on “Truth and unity…..

  1. Chris

    Ben I think your answer is spot on!!!!! I have a question though, which I hope you feel able to answer. What would your response have been had the Mormon girl offered to bless you?

  2. Chris

    Exactly as you would have done Fr I would have accepted her giving me God’s blessing; and for what it is worth Ben I wouldn’t have expected any less from you – I just fel that it was a question worth asking to clarify a point rather than to make one.


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