A snippet from Fr Richard Rohr’s webcast on the Emerging church..

Perhaps to you the term “emerging church” is new, strange, or probably vague. What does it refer to? Let me address the exciting parts of this new movement of the Holy Spirit—for that is what it is!

Movements are the energy-building stages of things, before they become monuments, museums or machines. In the last fifty years, several significant developments have taken place, both within and alongside the various Christian churches, to foster this movement. Spiritual globalization is allowing churches worldwide to profit from these breakthroughs at approximately the same time, which of itself is a new kind of reformation! We are all just trying to listen together. It is happening

Question of the day: How can I let what I don’t understand teach me?

The emerging church has four essential elements:

1. There is an honest, broad and ecumenical Jesus scholarship. We are reading what theologians of all denominations are saying. And the amazing thing is, at the level of scholarship at least, there is a strong consensus emerging.

2. The emergence in human consciousness of a contemplative mind, a different kind of eye that perceives that scholarship; and it’s not a dualistic mind. It receives a whole field and simply lets the whole field—what I understand and what I don’t understand—teach me.

3. This consensus has come to some conclusions that many of the main concerns of Jesus are at major variance with what most of our churches have emphasized.

4. New structures and new community mechanisms are needed to make this possible.


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