faith and edcuation

I wonder what your memories of School assemblies are?  And i wonder what you learnt from your Religious education lessons.

It seems as though as we progress as a society we are pushing faith and religion out of the picture, if you ask someone over the age of 50 what their experience of faith and religion in school was it would be very very different to someone in the education system today.

One might ask the question is there any real point in having religious assemblies and RE lessons any more? and if so how and what should they teach?

living as we do in these anxious times, a better understanding of each others faiths an cultures i believe must be a high priority.  Of course as a priest i think that Christianity should be on the agenda, and i think that more than how or what should be taught it should be taught well, by people who have and live by the convictions of their faith rather than someone teaching from a text book….

what are your experiences of faith in schools, did it do you any good or did it do your faith some harm?….

BenPriest, cross and bible


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