living in peace….

istock_000001433303xsmallHow good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in peace! psalm 133 I wonder what it means to live in peace? Sounds a nice idea, at least i think it does…. What i mean is ‘living in peace’ can conjure up pictures in our minds of everyone always smiling and being happy and generally quite sickeningly lovely. Quite a lot of the time peoples perceptions of the church is a place like this, which 1. can put people off so they never go 2. if and when they do go, they are shocked to find people can sometimes be grumpy and unwelcoming! I believe that the scripture stands true, it is awesome when people get on, but the reality is that we don’t and especially when i comes to church… But think of it this way, as people of faith we are not called to always get on with each other, but we are called to love each other and that is the difference. This week don’t stress about getting on with everyone but try loving them with all you have got.


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