Little cook’s trip into the big world…


So having been to London this weekend to visit Grace, i have come back feeling refreshed and revitalized, with some new inspiration and ideas.101_4010

It was not necessarily the experience  of Visiting Grace but the space that it provided for me to stop and reassess what God is saying and calling at this moment.  remembering what he has already done and achieved is one thing that  i know i need to do more of.  It is so easy to forget the journey that has already been traveled because I am too worried about the journey yet to come….

I really Love London and it was awesome to catch up with old friends and share life with them again.  I did wonder if maybe we will end up there at some point, maybe even just for a while…. who knows, but i am convinced it is not worth dwelling on for too long, as yesterday and today are enough to think about at the moment.101_3986 piccys can be viewed here


One thought on “Little cook’s trip into the big world…

  1. Chris

    Two things I want to say if I may…

    First, when you say you may end up in London at some point if only for a while (or something like that). Isn’t Lambeth Palace in London Fr? Perhaps you are destined for great things – or setting your sights too high!.

    Second, although it is right to look to the future, we all from time to time get focussed on worrying about what is to come and forget the journey we have already made. If you look at what you have achieved already in your ministry, both in Brid and in Beverley before this, it is tremendous Ben. But I acknowledge that this is easy for me to say, because I’m not the one living with your past, present and future – simply an observer of it. But I ay this in all honesty – and I only know of it in part!


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