A British survivor of the New Year’s Eve night-club fire in Bangkok says an “angel” dragged him to safety after he was overcome with smoke.  BBC News.

I wonder if you have ever given much thought to angels?  If they exist? What they do and what do they look like?
Angels I think are a very popular concept in our western culture today.  They symbolise a curious spirituality if nothing else.  Personally i have never met an angel (but then that’s maybe the point !!) but i do know people who say that they have.  Angels that have helped them when they have needed it and often they have disappeared before they have had chance to thank them.

a simple belief in something more than yourself i think can bring hope and light into a life.  I was in London over the weekend and i saw the advertisements for the humanist society the ones that say “God probably doesn’t exist, so stop worrying and get on with life.” the words are written in bright bold colors and while the font and style of these posters educes a light and happy sense, i felt that the words stood in stark contrast.  If there is no God i could not really see anyone wanting to celebrate that fact, i mean what is hope if there is no God and what is life if there is no hope?

I think that when it comes to trusting something or someone bigger than yourself, the issue is not about living in fear or being week, but rather finding peace trusting that in the end all is well.

i wonder what you think?….



One thought on “Angels…..

  1. brunettekoala

    I’ve seen an angel.

    They do exist. But they don’t look like chubby flying babies who would win gold medals in archery.

    If there’s no God, then who or what created us? And if there’s no God, why bother living life? Why bother being kind? Why bother caring about anyone other than yourself?


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