New year, new hope ….

AND so as the lights of Christmas fade in to the background and the queues at the returns aisle begin to dwindle, our thoughts turn to new and fresh starts, to the promise of what is yet to come…..

I wonder what your hopes and dreams are for this year? I wonder what dreams still lie unfulfilled from this time last year?

I wonder if the prospect of another year makes you say “the world is a good place to be” or if there is a gloom that hangs over you as we are yet again told that the financial markets are still in a downturn and that “things are going to get worse before they get better”?

For me, I do think that the world is a good place to be, and that is because I believe in hope.

You see I think, that if we have hope, even the bleakest situation is never beyond repair. ‘Hope’ is something that we can all have (and it is doesn’t cost the Earth).

Hope, I think, is a way of life, it is a choice that we can choose to live or ignore.

Hope will look different for all of us and it can be hard to find at times.

Again for me, I think it can be hard to find hope when we feel we are out of control, but for me being out of control and letting God be in control is both the best and hardest way to live.

Having faith in someone else means exactly that, ‘having faith’ which means uncertainty which when things go wrong soon turns to fear and hope can feel lost, and worry and stress take over.

So as I face this New Year, I face it with fear at what lies ahead but with a quiet confidence that I have a hope in someone bigger than me who is in control, and allows me to sleep easy knowing that all is right, and, all will be right.

So may you catch your hope and your dreams this New Year and as you do may you find blessings that make this year the fresh start that no other year has been.

Grace and peace.


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