who looses when we gamble….

Penny auction websites were in the news this week. The fact that no one had heard of them before the BBC decided to run a story on them about how they are evading the strict online gaming laws because they say they are not gambling sites!!!

So is gambling wrong? Well most people are of the opinion that if done responsibly and if you can afford it, then it is OK. Which is interesting i thought that the bible teaches that gambling is wrong yet the word gamble does not appear in the bible. So is it one of those ancient christian cultural mis-understandings? obviously there are instances when it is wrong just as it is wrong to be always drunk, but a flutter every now and again with in your means does not seem to be a bad thing.

of course when is enough, enough? As someone who wants to follow God’s way i think that abstaining from all things that some religiously minded people say that you should is actually the easier option. the concept of saying no in our culture is not one that is easy to do and show more moral constraint that just not starting in the first place.

I believe that God does want us to enjoy ourselves but we have to be responsible for both ourselves and each other.

what do you think?



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