Peace on earth….

News reports have been talking about the riots in Greece recently.  So we got to wondering is it ever right to protest using force and violence?istock_000001433303xsmall

I think it is interesting that many of us may consider violence to be a physical thing, indeed we can get arrested or punished for punching someone, but to cut someone down with words can largely go un-noticed.  But i wonder if we think back to our youth what has stayed with us more the scars from the scraps we got into of the words that someone said to us?  I know for me it is very much the latter….

I think that Peaceful protest is far more provocative than a violent one, we only need to see the recent unrest in China with the government fighting the Buddhist monks, i mean seriously what is so infuriating about a bunch of peaceful monks?

I think the thing is this,  being a peacemaker is an active responsibility, sometimes we might think that taking the peaceful option is the weak one.  But not to strike out when others are striking you i believe is the most powerful option.

Jesus overthrew the Roman Empire by actively seeking peace.

I wonder what this means for you in your everyday life when you are faced with injustice ?

Grace and Peace



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