The BNP …..

Here is this weeks blog from XY online Lad’s church about the leaked BNP Members list, some interesting thoughts…. what d you think?


In the news this week – the names, addresses and other personal detail of British National Party members are published on the internet

This issue raises so many questions I hardly know where to start.

I guess the first issue is the right to privacy for individuals.  As a society we allow people to keep private over certain matters, yet as a tabloid-reading generation we love to know what those secrets are.  That seems a strange hypocrisy.  Remember the fuss over Sarah Palin refusing to say which way she had voted in the American election this month?

And then is the right to privacy based on our own personal beliefs of right and wrong – in other words are we happy for people to keep things private if we agree with them and not happy if we disagree with them?  Is that the issue behind what’s happened with the publication of the BNP list?

But then surely if you believe in something enough to sign up for it, shouldn’t you be prepared to stand up in public and declare that interest, rather than be embarrassed by it.  If not, is it really worth being something you support?  As one person said as we were discussing this down the pub, it comes back to the old taboo that you never discuss religion and politics.  Well, why shouldn’t we discuss them and our own personal views on them?  Are we scared to discuss them in case we get challenged and can’t answer that challenge?  If so, how are we to grow as people?

But do we all have something to hide that we wouldn’t want published on the internet for all to see?  Is it a case of taking the massive plank out of our own eye first?

It seems that some people on the BNP list have been forced to resign over their membership.  I understand that certain occupations are prohibited by law from membership of the BNP (police, army etc) so for those people that seems fair enough but what of others who aren’t banned by law.  Is it right that they should lose their job over membership of a non-illegal society?  And yet others have had to resign in the past for conducting acts which are deemed to be immoral, if not illegal – for example politicians resigning over sex with prostitutes.  And what about forced disclosure of policemen (and in certain cities, council officials) if they are members of the Freemasons?

Even in the life of Jesus there can be a contradiction.  His ministry ended up very public, well known in his geographic region in his lifetime and now of course globally with over 2 billion people professing the Christian faith.  And yet at the start if His ministry He says after healing a leper “See that you don’t tell this to anyone…”

And that leads to a whole further set of discussions… Like I said at the start, so many questions arise out of this issue for our public, private and our faith lives.  What do you think?…..



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