I heard someone say last night that we should have ‘soft hearts and hard feet’ but most of the time we have hard hearts and soft feet’.  So i felt God saying which are you?  I must confess to being the latter, so this year for lent (a long way off i know.) I am going to give up footware.  I just pray that God works on my hard heart from now untill then so that transions don’t come all at once….feet-2


2 thoughts on “feet….

  1. Jen


    I love you lots, but I friend of me tried this a few years ago. He lasted 30 minutes on Ash Wednesday walking down to Church. We then had to take him to A and E, his feet were in sheds, he needed stiches, was held up for a week and his Dr recommended him never to do that again. Please think about this carefully.
    Jen x

  2. Chris

    I’m with Jen on this one Ben! Tis very commendable but ust think about it – and on a lighter note what about the poor person that has to wash them on Maundy Thursday!


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