Feel the rhythm, feel the ride….

Good Morning,
By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested….     (then after) the LORD God formed man.

Gen 2



Rhythms.  I wonder if you live life in rhythms?  Do you rest and work and play? Or do you work and fit in the other things as you go?  You see when I read these lines of scripture i see a God who works in rhythms, he worked and then he rested, and then he created humans.  Do you think God needed to rest?  I don’t think he did, but the reason i think he did was to show us that we should live a life of rhythm.


Adam was created from a state of rest, his 1st experiance of the world was about rest not work. 


I wonder do you rest from a place of work or work from a place of rest ?



Work is important but it is not all we are designed to be…..


This week ask yourself, “Who’s rhythms am I living?”







Grace and Peace



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