save the world, do nothing…

untitledSo i got in the shower today and i always brush my teeth in the shower.  But over the last few days the toothpaste i have been using has been running out, to the point that it was no longer possible to get anything out of the tube.  So because i could not be bothered to get out of the shower to get a new one i ripped it open with my teeth and got one more days use out of it.


This got me thinking,  the only reason i was being so frugal was that i was to dam lazy to do anything else.  So my new save the world philosophyis "Do nothing!"  If we become more and more lazy we will travel less, use less electricity, and probably end up pulling all our teeth out trying to get the last bit of paste out of the tube so we will not have to bother turning on the tap to brush our manky gums.


So have a good day (as we say up north) “Doin’ nowt!”


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