Emerging community….

Everything is up in the air at the moment, and will be untill tuesday.  But i really feel and think that God is calling me to begin a new community / church / movement….


I have a million questions, and most of them i don’t want answered!  But I have thought about what we should call ourselves, and the name St Max’s has kind of stuck, here’s why

1. It’s Old School, if you are called ‘St’ anything you are either a Church or a hospital, a lot of the “What is all this about?” questioning is done away with

2. Father Maximilian Kolbe was an amazing priest who gave his life for his faith.  An image that so replicates Jesus.

3. John 10:10 Life to the Maximum

Check out our holding page here and click on the St Max’s banner at the bottom of the page

I would love to know your thoughts on both the name and style of the site

Grace and Peace



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