Change, how do you cope……

droppedimage_1_2As i stated this blog on Monday the elections where building to a crescendo, excitement was in the air and change was the major theme on the agenda of everyone’s conversation.

As i finish (it now being Thursday 6th Nov 2008) Obama has won the election and change is now more than just a conversation….

I wonder how you cope with change?  Are you someone who runs towards it or legs it the other way?  I think it has a lot to do with who you are and your personality type.  Personally speaking i cannot live with out change, without it I wither and die, i need the buzz and the challenge.  Even to my own detriment, I will look for change when its not needed !!!! Maybe I am just a creation of our times, I know people have always undergone change and that it is nothing new to my generation, but I don’t think that any other generation has under gone such rapid change.  When you go to work in a morning you will find that the billboards will change within a week, as much as we might not think about it the billboards and adverts that plaster our towns and cities are our landscapes our environments and our soul settings, and when they change so rapidly I believe they unsettle our souls without us knowing it.

Change is good but I believe we need constants in our lives in order to deal with the uncertainties that we are surrounded by.  For me that’s what my faith gives me; order in chaos, peace in unrest and a hope in the changes i see around me ……

here is a good illustration of what i believe my faith does in me when change surrounds


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