to be an englishman…..

So someone in  the government stated this week that they think we should close our boarders because of the dyer financial climate we are finding ourselves in.  Personally i think this is a huge statement that implies a whole load of things, firstly that they know that the financial climate is not going to change in the very near future, despite what they want to spin in the press.  The second is an us and them mentality that breeds fear of the other.

I often think that when a government come in to power the promise the world and sometimes deliver some very good things, but after a while things don’t always go to plan, and they have to start looking for a scape goat.  And this seems just this way of thinking.

I was speaking to someone the other day who said that if all the immigrants  in this country paid their taxes we would not be in this mess.  I could not believe him saying this, I mean seriously how many British people do not pay tax, and anyway i know 1st hand that a lot of migrant workers are not treated fairly or even paid minimum wage. and are told by their employers that they have to sort their taxes and insurance out themselves !!!!

I do wonder what it means to be British sometimes when values like these go unchallenged, and i think people these days are more defensive about their identity because they do not really know what it is.

what do you think……


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