Acts of random stupidity…….. (ARS)…..

So i was in Tescos on friday just picking up a few bits and bobs,  and stood in the checkout que i thought i would try the one Act of Random Kindness that i have always thought i wanted to do, to pay for someones  shopping who is also in the que with me.  (This is in the shopping basket only que, i am not that generous!!!) so the guy in front of me had a bottle of rum and some cola and i was just about to ask him if i could pay for his shopping but i could not bring myself to ask him as i thought he might be offended and think i was being a plonker!!!  So i turned to the chap behind me, he had about £10’s worth of shopping, so i thought well here goes…..

“Excuse me.” i said very nerously “Can i pay for your shopping?”

“Sure!” replied the man “that would be great!”

I then asked the women behind the till to put our shopping together…

Then the man realised i was not just pratting about and that i was actually going to pay for his shopping suddenly changed his mind and told me that it was ok and laughed it off.  I told him it was my random act of kindness and that i wanted to do this for him, but he totally refused.

i felt a bit gutted but then he asked if i was Australian !!!!  Like i had to be some sort of weird foreigner with a radical way of living life that would do something like this!!!!

so feeling a bit deflated at not been able to be a blessing to someone else i thought “oh well, maybe next time……  but then a still small voice said in the back of my mind, you should be so lucky, lucky, lucky; lucky!”


4 thoughts on “Acts of random stupidity…….. (ARS)…..

  1. Kate Bottley

    I have had a few of my acts of kindness refused and its a real kick in the gut…but stick with it because when someone does take you up on it it really feels good. I also think that the bloke who refused now has a good story to tell and any of his friends and family worth their salt will point out to him what a dumb ass he has been by saying no. Keep the faith, spread the love. Think about not everyone who heard even Jesus speak recognised and responded.

    Love and lectionaries


  2. Waddy

    See the lesson in all things…. random acts of kindness are not bought… they ar efree,,, it is just a matter of finding them… use your wise words to offer people… not your cash… although saying that, can you lend me a tenner ??! ha ha

    Could do with your Counsel soon…



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