Here come the girls……

A news report this week stated that there is still a it of discrimination against women in the work place and that there are not as many women going for top jobs any more.

So we got to talking about what our views are of women, did we think that they should be paid differently?  Should women always be equal to men?  And how do we view the we see in leadership?

After a long debate we all more or less came to the conclusion that women should be paid the same as a man if the job that they do warrants it.  There should be absolutely no difference in the way women are treated in the work place because of their sex.  If they are  not very good at their job or if there are other issues of this type then there is of course justification that they be singled out, but only as a person and not because of their sex.

On the topic of weather or not women should always be treated as equal to men the conversation took a different turn.  We got to talking about the fact that men and women’s roles are very different, and there are times when the womanhood of women and the manhood of men should be recognised.  For example, a few months ago there was the story that Sarah Bryant the first woman solider had been killed in Afghanistan.  There was a lot of debate at the time about weather or not our front line troops should include women.  This I thought was very interesting as many women would not want to be differentiated to men in any way.  But there is still a large section of our society that would still comment very loudly about the roles of women in such issues as War and some very physically  demanding jobs.

Ok here we go personally speaking now, it is my belief (this week!  I am always contradicting  myself!!) I believe that all women should be respected and that all women’s role should be respected.  What I mean by this is it is my understanding of the bible and the teachings of Jesus that women can and should be in leadership roles and positions of authority just as much as any man.  But the way that they go about that role and position should be understood and respected as a very different role to that of a man.  For example both Becky (my wife) and I are both parents, both in authority over our boys both in the leadership role that being a parent demands, but Becky is a mum and I am a dad.  Two very different roles both of which complement each other.  But if Becky said that she was going to be the boys father as well as their mother, or if in some twisted way she felt as though to be a parent she had to take the role of a father, it would not be right either for her or our boys.

I say this because I see that in the world women to succeed in positions of leadership and authority, tend (and not always I know) to act out their role and jobs in a masculine way.  Mainly I believe because men say (or sometimes without saying) that to have respect they have to lead like a man.   It will be inserting to watch the Democratic running mate Sarah Palin, a lady who is very feminine, if she is elected if she will stay that way or if she will become more masculine in the way she dresses and acts.  (I sincerely hope she doesn’t)

For me the sooner we allow women to lead like women and men lead like men the better or world and better the church will be……

Grace and Peace



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