New season new vices…

So the new football season starts today, which being a Hull City and Chelsea Fan should be by far the best season ever!!  So much so that this morning i found myself in a position i have never found myself in before, in a betting shop, putting on not 1 but 3 bets on the football. The 1st that Hull will win their first match this afternoon at 3pm and the other two that Hull will stay up in the premier league and that Chelsea will win the league. It was a very scary feeling not really knowing what i was doing and really not wanting to look like a prat!  i managed to get away with it, but it did make me think about how people might feel walking into a church for the 1st time not knowing what is expected or what to do and really not wanting to do anything wrong or upset anyone.

But with more than half the year gone i feel very good about my new years resolution of loosing weight, as i am now 2 stone lighter, but i have taken up Smoking Cigars taking Snuff and now Gambling !!! Oh well it will give me something to give up come new year !!!


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