Do you trust?

Jesus said
“You trust God, don’t you? Then trust me.”
John 14

I saw a T-shirt the other day that said “what would Judas do?”  A funny spin on the WWJD* wrist bands. I thought it was quite funny to see and it also got me thinking, i wonder where Judas went wrong?  I think it comes down to trust, you see i think Judas did trust Jesus to begin with, but after a while he just could not see that what Jesus had to say was ever going to achieve anything.

Maybe you trusted Jesus a long time ago, but maybe something happened that made you question what is going on in life,  maybe you began to think well its ok i can do this alone i don’t need to trust God, and before you knew it you found yourself a long way from God.

If that’s you today and you are feeling far from God, don’t worry its ok God still loves you and he still trusts you!!!!!

It’s never to late to return to God.

Take sometime this week to think about the journey you have travelled with God, if you need to start again, go for it.

Grace and Peace


*What Would Jesus Do


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