Identity …

I wonder how you would describe yourself?  I wonder how other people might describe you? I don’t know about you but I find people really interesting, I mean the way in which we all want to project an image to the rest of the world.  I wonder how you might perceive others, for example I wonder what the first word is that comes into your head when you hear the words ‘young people’ or ‘the youth of today’? To be totally honest I think young people today get a rough deal, mainly because of the way in which they are reported in the media, and the stories we hear most of the time are not the most endearing.  For example I think its a really good idea to have the ASBO wall of shame in Bridlington, it serves a good purpose.  But what I would also like to see is the same initiative but for young people from our town who we can all be proud of, a wall telling us who they are, telling us about their achievements and hard work.
How other people tell us to perceive each other is also an interesting thought, the whole idea of reality TV is all edited to make it more interesting sometimes to the point where I wonder if it can be called ‘reality’ at all! I have some friends who own a tattoo shop in the town and their job is to create art for people so that they can express their identity in a new way, some people mark their bodies because it defines a time or event that meant something to them.  Others don’t of course but it makes me wonder about how we view each other on first impressions, what our thoughts are when we see someone in a smart suit, or someone looking scruffy and untidy, or someone with tattoos and piercings, are our opinions of them the same?
You see I believe the world in which we live in tells us more and more that we have to be individual, and that to have a sense of our own place in the world we need to stand out, whether its by the mobile phone we own, or the car we drive or the clothes we wear.  But I think what the world actually says is, we should be individual but make sure we are not standing alone, because to make a stand alone makes people suspicious.  But I wonder if there was something that we really believed in, and we thought was right, but if it meant that if we did something about it we would be standing alone, at least for a while, what we would do? Would what others might think of us hold us back?  You see I think we all need to find our identity, our place in the world, but believe we should base our identity on values and convictions which, will therefore shape the way we look and act.
So may we have the courage to stand by our values, what ever they are.


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