Gay Marriage ….

Right here we go then with a very controversial topic with lots of spin off opinions.  


The conversation we had in the Pub on sunday night was all about gay marriage, what should the churches response be?  


Personally, as a priest in the Church of England I would not marry or bless a same sex couple.  This is the line that i take but not one that i come to lightly as i know that this issue is about people not just about ideas, theology or opinion.  


I have no problem with anyone being gay, just as i don’t have a problem with anyone being tall or short.  If they happen to be nasty and vindictive then my opinion on them would be different but not because of their sexuality. But when it comes to marriage especially Christian marriage i wonder what it is that makes a gay couple want to be married in the church when it is fairly clear what our faith says about gay relationships.  I know that this sounds harsh, but i firmly believe that there are choices and sacrifices that we all have to make when i comes to the lifestyle choices we make that we have to live with.  For me i am a husband and a dad i have sacrifices to make everyday because they are the choices that i have made.  If i said my right to gamble and spend all of the money we have as a family because thats my right then i would be shunned by my friends family and society!  So if a gay couple want to live together and if they want to have a civil ceremony i understand why, but to ask the church to bless or marry them is a concept that i cannot understand.


what do you think?




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