End of season football match played at St John’s College Nottingham between the leavers and the returning year…


Tension was brewing all week with bragging rights that would either be held with pride by the returners for another year or taken away from the hallowed turf into the world with the leavers.  The players were called in from all over the country, but with the transfer window still open right up until kick off there seemed to be last minute changes and signs that left the returners with a bad taste in their mouths (and a few less players on the pitch).


The game kicked off and started with both sides feeling the pressure and settling in until the leavers got  a corner and through some sloppy defending Steve (the goal line assassin) Bailey pounced on the loose ball to make it 1-0 to the leavers.  Shocked and their resolve strengthened the returners looked to find the equaliser.  But the leavers had other plans, with super sub Mad Dog the game was about to take a very unexpected turn.  Having been on for no more than 5 minutes the ball dropped to the Mad Dog’s feet well inside his own half, there was a glint in the young mans eye (and backed up with the knowledge that with this short every new ordinand who will ever arrive at St John’s until Jesus returns will be told about the shot to end all shots) the Dog let rip with a shot that managed to lop the returner’s goal keeper (who by the way could be mistaken for Peter Crouch) in a 5ft goal!  As the ball landed in the back of the net the Dog waled away as if it was the most normal thing to happen in the world, 2-0 the leavers.


As the heads of the returners dropped even lower, a moment of brilliance from on form striker Dan Wood for the leavers ratteled in off the post to make the score 3-0 for the leavers. 


The match was not yet over and the returners picked up their  game with some solid defending at the back from Steve, Dave and Dan with support from Tim in the holding midfield role the returners began to push up.  A brilliant bit of commited play from Joel finished with a sharp low cross across the box allowed Ben to get on the end of it to find the beck of the net.  3-1


Half time          

Score   Leavers 3 Returners 1

Temp   38 C


The second half kicked off with the leavers wanting to finish off the game and pushed up the field only to finish the attack with a penalty.  Di Cas was the man of the moment and young Dan Cooke looked to ruin his day.  Di Cas struck the ball well but with too much power and it flew of the cross bar.


With both sides now showing signs of heat exhaustion the game slowed which allowed a real passing game to develop the returners began to take control and missed some easy chances that really should have been finished.  But with Vinny being on top form and the leavers defence well settled in there was no way through for the returners.  Again with a moment of true genius Dan Wood took on the whole returners defence, Twice! And found the back of the net 4-1.


The game then played itself out with wasted chances in abundance for the returners, final score 4-1 to the leavers.  A well fought game with fair play from both sides.

 MOM = Di Cas 


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