So Tomorrow sees the first of our fasting days at Church.  I have been teaching the church about fasting for about a month now, its been really fun to see how different people have responded to the idea. 

It seems some what of a lost discipline in our Protestant spirituality, which i think is a big loss.  i have written and preached 2 sermons on the subject to teach people the reasons that we should fast (if anyone would like a look at them i can email them.)

We are going to finish the day with an informal communion and a meal so i will write up on here how it went.  i hope it will go better than what i tried at Easter LOL !!!  but we will see.


One thought on “Fasting…

  1. Jessica

    Ooh, fasting is definitely something we should reclaim. Although you’re not supposed to yell about fasting to people it is something that really provokes something in people.

    Hope people at your church saw some answers to prayer as a result. xx


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