Church ……?

I found this situation in my dissertation, that I wrote when I was 18 I would love to know what you think about it.  I don’t quite know what to make of it, it has raised lots of questions in my mind being nearly 10 years older now please read thought it and let me know what you think…..


Halfway though the service a young woman walked into the church thought the back and sat down.  The lady was youngish looking, about 20 years old; she had bright purple hair that was scruffily tied up at the back. She was wearing a leather jacket with tight fitting leggings.  As she came in the congregation were singing a hymn so she sat at the back, putting down her tobacco and lighter on the pew and then she watched what was going on.  After the hymn there was a prayer led from the front of the church and then another hymn.  Now as this lady had come into the service late and caused the attention of almost everyone to turn to her, she was well aware of the attention she was bringing to herself.  As everyone stood to sing the next hymn one man got out of his pew and walked over to her and handed her his hymn book opened on the right page, he then quickly pointed to the right hymn and turned around and took back his place with the rest of the congregation.


The problem with this situation is not the kindness that the man showed to the young lady but the way in which without saying a word he said loud and clear “This is how we do things around here so feel free to fit into our way of worshipping God!”  this attitude is one of arrogance, stubbornness and cultural blindness.  The question maybe raised “could they do any more?” the response must be if the church membership is willing to disrupt a service in order to help someone then yes, but if the main priority is to make sure the service is not disrupted then this must raise questions about the priorities of the Christian there.


There was no question about if the lady could read or not, or if she was in danger and needed to speak to someone.  The way she was greeted by the body of Christ was not a very welcoming one!


Your thoughts……   ?


One thought on “Church ……?

  1. Bethany

    thats really thought provoking..ive been challenged recently on a similar thing – a ciouple of freinds were helping out on this christain camp but they were in charge of a group of unchurched unruly girls – it made me think that christian camps and church in genereal is often so conditioned that it becomes exclusive and inaccessible to anyone who has not been brought up on th ‘right’ way of speaking/singing/sitting down adn standing up etc….but isnt church all about reaching the sick and not just the healthy? good thoughts Ben!xxx


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