Knowing me Knowing you ……


So here I am on Good Friday sat in church all day from 7:30am until 9:00pm .  the church has been turned around to allow people to come in and enjoy a still and peaceful atmosphere, with the additions of prayer stations which allow you to journey the way of the cross.  I have advertised the event right throughout the parish and to all our people at church.  I find myself sat on my own, i think i have missed something here!!!  I thought that maybe people would like the chance to have 5 minutes of chill out space available, I know that not everyone wants to do church, but I thoughtjesus-2.jpg that of we did it well and offered over the whole day a Starbucks style (open all hours) approach this might appeal to some people.  But not even to have more than 2 people from our own church !!!!  like i say i think i have missed the point here somewhere.  I guess, I thought that i would like this sort of thing, so maybe others might.  I know that the message of the church has been prodomanlty ‘come to us’ rather than ‘let us come to you’, and I know that there are roles for both of these styles of church.  I think when ‘come to us’ is done well its as good as a let us come to you’ model of church.  but then I guess its still only 12pm I’ ll check in later and let you know if anything has changed.

well just to let you know that it did pick up a bit later on, still not quite what i hoped for but never mind i still like the idea of church open all hours and i guess that if you looked at the amount of peopel that we had over course of the whole day then it was not too bad.  something to think on i think.


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