Football in Heaven?


So i have been thinking, i wonder if there will be football in heaven?

 I was playing for St John’s the other day and got a yellow card (Come On!! It was a great tackle!!) but i wonder if it is considered a sin?  i guess it depends on your view of heaven or of the tackle that i put in!!


2 thoughts on “Football in Heaven?

  1. Mark S

    May be in heaven there will be Football- but you’ll be banned from playing… or as we’ll have celestial bodies- they won’t be prone to your sweeping tackles.. lol (as if i have a clue…)

    Or may be more in line with Red Dwarf’s Heaven and Hell – “Oh, dear brother you’ve accidently shot me… here would you like your bullet back”

    Or may be Heaven is a halfpipe… (won’t go there)

    Or alternatively, and the one i favour, we’ll find out that football was created by the devil… and therefore won’t be in heaven at all.. just trivia pursuit or even ‘game of life’ – with non flammable notes…
    or monopoly without the ability to skim money from the bank when noone’s watching…


  2. Gaz

    I am amazed you are claiming that it was a good tackle!! A shocking performance from Norton saved at the end by yours truly.

    Glad you’re not around for a while. Am shattered after 5 weeks of having to carry you!!


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