Responce to True Freedom?

here is a reponce to the topic on true freedom by John Flavell and my responce to him follows….

 Well since I’m here, might as well get all deep and meaningful. I think it is possible to find true freedom, or at least know where it can be found. In the person of Christ, and in his kingdom there is true freedom. (Would put in bible verse here, but not sure where it is, but it’s the “I bring you the truth and the truth will set you free”).
I find as I follow Christ, and his purposes, I feel more and more released, more free. And I think that is with people, amongst them, and in the joy of sharing life with them in the church. Not with bears, however much easier they are to get on with.
two_trees_and_flock.jpgRob Bell does this DVD about living between the trees, about how we’re between the tree of good and evil and the tree of life.We’re in the midst of the story, and we can find the kingdom now, we don’t just have to wait for it to come. Anyway, not sure that made sense.












Thanks for your response to the true freedom thoughts on my blog I have been chewing over what you said for a couple of days and have some thoughts in response

Do you think that freedom is just a feeling? Or is a reality?  And how do you think we can recognise it in other ways than just freedom? In Romans 8 Paul is talking about knowing we are saved and uses the analogy of the hope that salvation gives us

Rom 8:24-25  For we are saved by hope. But hope that is seen is not hope; for what anyone sees, why dchains4.JPGoes he also hope for it?  But if we hope for that which we do not see, then we wait for it with patience.  

Again do you think that we gain true freedom in this fallen world? Romans 7:15 talks about being a slave to sin.  If Christ died for all sin why do we still live in a sinful world? Where does the freedom of Christ exist, in this world or the next?

Your point on ‘The truth will set you free’ yes, absolutely! it will but when? at birth, with revelations, though death?

Treadwell’s freedom attracts me so much because of the ‘otherness’ of the world in which he existed.  The bleakness of the wilderness seems to have such a freedom to it. Am I freer now than before I knew Christ yes! But not as much as I think I could be.

The times I feel most free are when I am out of this world that I live in everyday, when I am surfing snowboarding emerged in nature. You see I think true freedom can only come in the next world the truth will set us free because it leads us to beyond this life to the next.

What do you think ?




One thought on “Responce to True Freedom?

  1. John Flavell

    Hey buddy, this is fun!
    So, yeah, I think you’re right, we live in the now and the not yet. The Kingdom of God is now, and it is not yet. We see through a glass dimly, and then we will see face to face. However, I think sometimes we use this as an excuse for not seeing as much as we can. If we pray for the sick and they don’t get healed, or we don’t feel as free as we think we could, we say oh well, it’s coz God’s kingdom is not yet. But for me that’s sometimes not good enough. I’m not saying everyone should get healed or we should always feel amazing, but I know more people should get healed when I pray for them than do, because Jesus said they would, and he said I’m a new creation and a child of God and free when i accepted him, so i should be more than I am sometimes. I don’t think it’s a case of us failing to be these things, I think it’s about having a fullness of his spirit within us, sanctifying and changing us into those things. If were not being filled with the spirit, his kingdom will remain further away for us.
    Does that make sense? Let me know what you think. Love ya,


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