Jesus works?

I was just wondering what it was about Jesus that we should most aspire to be like?  What I mean is should we aspire to be Christians who are known for the things that we do, or should we be known for the people we are?

Buddy Jesus

What happens then if we are people who are professional Christians? (and by that I mean work in full time Christian ministries)  should the focus of our time be spent on who we are rather than what we do?  Even if that looks like it is not getting much done.

In the New Testament we read a lot about signs and wonders, especially in the early church, what we may call today ‘miracles ’. I wonder what makes more impact; a sign by healing someone, or a sign by living a righteous life?

Its funny isn’t it that most of the time we never notice the signs around us in our daily lives until we need them.  I mean can you think of all the signs you see everyday on the way to work or school.  I think maybe it’s the same for us as Christians we are to be God’s sign every moment of our lives and sometimes other things that we do and seek to do can help, but most of the time I guess its all about just being.


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