True Freedom?

Do you think it is possible for us to be truly free?  I mean Truly Free, without any constraints on who we are or who we should be?  I live a life that is very privileged, I have everything that I need and everything that I want.  I have a wonderful family and amazing friends, and a fulfilling job that allows me to make a difference in others lives.  I have a faith that allows me to know peace, and brings me security in who i am.  But there is something within me that yearns for more freedom.  I don’t know what the freedom looks like, or even if i would recognise it if i found it!  I am not saying that I am unhappy, far from it.

You see one of the things that I love most about life is, other people and particularly their stories.  People fascinate me, I often wonder how we have managed to live together on this planet for so long.  I know it hasn’t always been rosie but generally we get on.

I would like to tell you about one person’s story that has just recently had a big impact on me; and hence the question of this blog.  His name was Timothy Treadwell if you don’t know his story just Google his name,  but here’s a little about him. 

Timothy Treadwell and the bear he called Mr Chocolate

He was a man who lived with wild Grizzly Bears in Alaska for 13 summers, and who sadly in Oct 2003 was killed by one of them.  You see what intrigues me about this man is that he found no peace in the world in which was full of people, but there was a freedom he found living with wild bears.  I wonder what that says?  Many people have dismissed him as a wacko but i think there is real wisdom in the way he lived his live.  I think that Timothy Treadwell was someone who got it!  Someone who understood something about our world that passes most of us by.  A real simplicity about the world around him.

True freedom? I dont think it will ever be ours,  but I do think the stories of others allows us to see things in a way that encourages us to continue searching, even if we know the conclusion of our search may remain a secret.



2 thoughts on “True Freedom?

  1. John Flavell

    Well since I’m here, might as well get all deep and meaningful. I think it is possible to find true freedom, or at least know where it can be found. In the person of Christ, and in his kingdom there is true freedom. (Would put in bible verse here, but not sure where it is, but it’s the “I bring you the truth and the truth will set you free”).
    I find as I follow Christ, and his purposes, I feel more and more released, more free. And I think that is with people, amongst them, and in the joy of sharing life with them in the church. Not with bears, however much easier they are to get on with.
    Rob Bell does this DVD about living between the trees, about how we’re between the tree of good and evil and the tree of life.We’re in the midst of the story, and we can find the kingdom now, we don’t just have to wait for it to come. Anyway, not sure that made sense.

  2. Pete Waddy

    …. Oh what it would be to be free …. I have philosphised over this many a night and it is the main reason i have love for American indians…. they were/are free.. they never took more than they needed and they respected the Great Spirit….. The more I study about society , the more I hate it.. the more I live in society the more I get caught up in all its materialistic ways…. unfortuantely though we will never go back to simple ways of life .. we have created this world through greed and suffering and all the other bad traits of man …. which makes me believe that the only day we will be free is in the next life …. I think there’s alot to be said about jesus dying for man’s sins…. we are full of em .. and it is SO hard to turn our backs on them in this world… and I think he knows that …..


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