Joshua Aidan Norton

So this is Joshua, Not that he is working the camera at all like his dad might!!

He likes Brown Cereal, Super Ted, jumping on beds and steam engines

he doesn’t like chicken pox, vegetables or  tidying his bedroom.

he has 2 fish called Dan and Doo and he will tell you that he had another one called Nemo but he died, and went to be with Jesus, oh and we flushed him down the loo (not implying that Jesus lives down the toilet, although i would like to see his Sunday school teachers work the theology of that one out!)

his favorite words are Fabarooney! and Dime bar and will end every telephone conversation with them.  he loves watching DVD’s about the history of steam and his all time hero is Isambard Kingdom Brunell (really!) and his arch enemy is Dr Beaching because he closed all the branch lines (seriously he cried for half and hour when we told him!!!)


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