I Like You!

Hi there and welcome to my new blog 

There have been many ways in which i thought i would start my blog, and i have come to the conculsion that it should be with this news….

we are having a baby!!!!!!!

New Norton will be with us about the middle of september (all going well) 



8 thoughts on “I Like You!

  1. John Flavell

    I see s/he is a lost cause already! Oh well, maybe if it’s a girl Becky might be able to teach the true and right way, and make her an arsenal supporter! Hee hee.
    Congrats mate, can’t wait to meet (it?!?)

  2. Nigel & Vicky Brooke-Smith

    Matey – what can we say?? Congratulations with much love! But beware the possible red shirt that may arrive instead of the blue!

    You look after Becky and Josh, and make sure she gets all the rest and support she needs. J is looking a fine young man, and glad that he’s so emotional about Dr Beeching as much as our two are!

    Well – regular trips to York and the NRM should placate him – so we must meet up there some time soon.

    Just fighting through an interregnum here at Ecclesall Parish Church in Sheffield, and not long to go before I’m hopefully voted in as new warden. We’re also looking for a Youth Minister (pref CofE ordained) and also an Associate Minister once we’ve got the new Vicar in place so get on with your studies and get yourself available for interviewing!

    All the best


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